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Effective Instruction

Our 6-part clinical method was specifically developed by speech-language pathologists to provide you with the most effective path to achieving clearer communication.


Free consultation

We are happy to speak with you and answer any questions you may have about our service, results-driven method, and/or specific customization available.

Comprehensive Communication Assessment

Your extensive one-hour assessment will include verbal production at the sound, word, sentence, and paragraph oral reading levels in addition to structured and unstructured conversational speech levels. With the information collected, we will assess your speech based on your sound inventory, stress and intonation patterns, phonological differences and auditory discrimination abilities, vocabulary, grammar and pragmatics, rate of speech, fluency and baseline intelligibility.

Review of Assessment

All areas assessed will be reviewed. Together, we will discuss the areas to target in upcoming sessions along with determining the optimal order in which to address them. An outline of your individualized plan will be provided following this session. This will be thoughtfully designed to help you achieve your highest potential in the shortest amount of time.


Individualized training

Specific and individualized training, stemming from a clinical approach to speech production, will give you the tools necessary to recognize error patterns and learn how to modify them. These fundamentals will help you to become a clearer, more confident communicator in English.

Structured practice

Stopping before this step is akin to halting your studies at the high school/secondary school level instead of continuing to university. You've worked hard to develop an understanding of the basics, but aren't quite ready to integrate them into your everyday life. Once you've completed your training program, the real work begins. This level of practice is challenging, exciting and extremely rewarding.

unstructured practice

This is the graduate/advanced degree level of accent modification. Here is where you integrate all previously learned levels; awareness, technical knowledge, and conversational practice.


A bit more about our method and accent modification in general

Success with accent modification comes from accurate training and establishing consistent practice. Speech Refinery offers a proven method to actualize a noticeable improvement in your spoken English. Rooted in a clinical approach, we focus on creating a tailored training program that will target your specific needs. The Speech Refinery program aims to build a framework that is effective and a timeline that is efficient to help you best meet your goals.

Our 6-part method was designed to enhance your English oral skills, making it easier for you to communicate clearly. Using multiple teaching strategies, our training focuses on breaking down complex phonological differences, stress and intonation patterns into actionable exercises. Beyond the obvious benefits of improved communication, our program has the secondary benefit of increased confidence, leading to more natural connections and greater success in both personal and professional aspects of life.


Speech is produced through the coordination of articulators (speech organs). These include lips, jaw and tongue, among other structures. Muscles control the movement of these articulators and therefore our training is largely focused on exercises targeting specific movements. This is similar to other types of physical training for muscles (e.g., training for an athletic event) and as such, the more you practice correct technique, the easier the movement will come and the better you will perform (or sound, in this case). The degree of improvement you achieve and the time frame in which you achieve it, is largely up to your level of commitment. Weekly sessions, paired with daily practice, are the keys to accomplishing significant improvement.


One of the biggest differences between athletic training and accent modification training lies in the varying degrees of difficulty for the individual to accurately self-evaluate. If one is training to run a six minute mile, one's progress while training and eventual completion of that goal, is evident due to the concrete nature of the system of measurement - in this example, time. Accent modification training is somewhat of a paradoxical situation given that even unlimited daily practice will not necessarily yield the desired results because the quality and accuracy of practice is paramount. Our training method is designed to develop your ability to accurately self-evaluate your speech. This focus on developing your self-evaluation skills is similar to the “teach a man to fish” approach rather than providing one fish. By honing this skill, you will be able to obtain all necessary information in just a few months of training. This approach of refining self-evaluation skills is implemented in the early stages of training and advances throughout the program.